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    1. You have agreed with your family to use family resources to start a wholesale shop in your community.

    a)   Identify the family resources you will use in the business.

    b)   How will the family benefit from the business?

    c)   What challenges are you likely to face with the family involvement in the business?

    d)   Formulate guidelines to be followed when selling your goods on credit.

    2. You own a shoe making project in your home town. You even make products on special order.

    a)   Prepare the general budget for the business.

    b)   Design a work order form for the business.

    c)   Make a local purchase order for a sewing machine and a generator.

    d)   Present the social responsibilities of your project.


    3. You have partnered with two friends to establish a business that sorts, packages and brands rice.

    a)   Draft a partnership deed for the proposed business.

    b)   Design a label for your products.

    c)   Send an inquiry letter to a rice farm.

    d)   Prepare a marketing plan for your business.

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